I am Doug Gilliam and I am a candidate for the SC House District
42 seat. I want the people of our district to know my platform.
• As a conservative Republican, I do believe in God, Patriotism
and Americanism, the second amendment and I am Pro-Life.
• As a combat veteran, I support a strong military. I, personally
know, that when our Soldiers are sent into combat, we, as a nation,
should give them all the resources, leadership and training
required to Win! I completely support our Veterans!
• I will work to grow our district by working with our local officials
and partners in accomplishing our goals. I do believe that growing
our population will require development across our district.
Affordable housing development is needed in our district.
Well-paying job growth in our district is achievable by working
together with all partners to actively pursue business growth.
Fighting for growth and expansion of our infrastructure is one
of the keys to our success. I look forward to working with the
SC Department of Commerce, local chambers and development
boards for our future growth.
• As the father of a 16-year-old daughter, I am an advocate of
education and our students. I know we can work together on an
improved plan of securing our schools and children.
• I ask that you will consider me for your vote in the June 12,
2018 Republican Primary and allow me to represent US at the
State House.
Please come out June 12, 2018 and vote in the Republican
Primary for Doug Gilliam.
You can contact me at: Douggilliam4house42@gmail.com or
on our Facebook @douggilliam4housedist42
You can contact me at: Douggilliam4house42@gmail.com or
on our Facebook @douggilliam4housedist42